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New Air Permitting Software Available For Georgia Facilities

Posted: January 26th, 2015

Author: All4 Staff 

Recently, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GEPD) publicized its new online Title V permit application software [Georgia Environmental Online System (GEOS)], not to be confused with the Georgia Environmental Connections Online (GECO) system.  The GECO system is still utilized to report annual emissions and fees. The GEOS system replaces the Microsoft Access-based software that facilities have been using for several years. As indicated on its website, GEPD is requesting that applicants submitting new Title V applications (whether they are initial applications, renewal applications, or if you are submitting a construction permit modification that also requires the submittal of Title V application forms) use GEOS. GEPD is in a transition phase and will allow facilities that are already underway in preparing an application to continue to use the Microsoft Access software. GEPD has also noted that currently there is not a means to tag information as confidential so please keep that in mind if your application will disclose business confidential information. GEPD has asked that you contact them in the event you need to withhold information for confidentiality reasons. Most importantly, you will not be able to import data into GEOS – all information will need to be entered manually the first time.

There are registration and other basic user information instructions on the website. All facilities should put an action item for January 2015 to have their responsible official register in GEOS whether a new application is imminent or not. There are specific steps that will need to be completed (just think back to U.S. EPA’s CDX system) so that your responsible official can sign and certify applications, as well as associate the application with a preparer (including consultants like ALL4!). You don’t want your application submittal to be tied up just because you don’t have the proper registrations completed.


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