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ALL4’s RegTech Operations Group (RegTech) is responsible for maintaining, growing, and disseminating the company’s institutional knowledge base for each ALL4 service area.  Internally, we refer to this knowledge base as ALL4’s “RegTech expertise.”  There are three sub-groups or “centers” that comprise RegTech.  These centers provide a formal structure to manage and grow the collective corporate-wide RegTech expertise, oversee the application of that expertise to all client service activities, and to ensure the continued growth of our company through planning, sales, and marketing support.  The three RegTech centers include:

Each RegTech Center has an assigned Director and these individuals along with a Technical Representative from each ALL4 Regional Office form the core RegTech Operations Committee.  The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to report on Center activities, share key information, and plan and prioritize resource efforts.  Every ALL4 employee serves as a RegTech resource in one capacity or another.  

Overall, the RegTech operations group draws on resources from all levels within the company, and in some instances, from outside the company.  RegTech is a major component of our organization that strengthens our service capabilities, aids and encourages our staff growth, provides real value to our partners and clients, and gives ALL4 a unique advantage over competing organizations that provide similar consulting services.